UKIUKI Manufacture

UKIUKI ALl Product Feature

UkiUki Vaccum Freeze-dried Cat Food is not ground meat. Your cat can eat them safely,
not chewing bones or tendons.

“No more paper dust with UkiUki Carpet Scratcher”

Cats are mad for boxes. They love scratching as well.
Paper dust all over the house was like our fate. What should we do with that?

UkiUki solved the problem. There are also fun elements to play with toys.

Good news for those who have been exhausted at their cat’s bath day.

No longer afraid of bath time!!  Cats are horrified at a mere sight of a dryer. Don’t intimidate the cats with dryers, but commune with the cats using UkiUki Towel for Cats.
UkiUki Towel for Cats can quickly absorb a large amount of water and remove the moisture from the fur.

“Cat grass is essential since cats groom, eat and sleep all day”

It helps cats to emit hairballs, promote digestion,
and replenish the vitamins.

Cats will protect you in the places you see every day, around the electrical switches, on the desks, or on the bathroom walls.

Two types, divided into basic wall stickers and luminous stickers. Slimmy and Fatty series to meet the customers’ needs.

4 Pice set of Slimmy, 4 piece set of Fatty.