“Good news for those who have been exhausted at their cat’s bath day”

UkiUki Towel for cats

No more afraid of bath time!

Cats are horrified at a mere sight of a dryer. Don’t intimidate the cats with dryers, but commune with the cats using UkiUki Towel for Cats.

UkiUki Towel for cats

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Let us introduce UkiUki Towel for cats!

Features of UkiUki Towel for Cats

UkiUki Towel for Cats can quickly absorb a large amount of water and remove the moisture from the fur.

  • Numerous fine pores formed inside the fiber induce capillary action, absorbing water strongly and rapidly. (3~4 times better than ordinary cotton.)
  • Reduces the germs and odor by rapid drying.
  • Eco-friendly by minimizing the use of detergents.
  • 100% microfiber product made in South Korea.

Features of UkiUki Towel for Cats

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Characteristics of microfiber

  • Washing power –  By nature that caused by microfiber, Plenty of Pollutants are absorbed quickly and then can remove pollutants fast and easily.
  • Absorption force –  Many microscopic pores formed inside the fibers case capillarity so that absorb moisture quickly and have 3 to times higher absorption force than general cotton.
  • Dry strength – By a nature of microfiber, it has an excellent dry strength and holds down the smell, breeding virus by rapid desiccation
  • Eco -friendly – Used minimum detergent by excellent washing powers.