UKIUKI Korean Short Hair cat pattern note


  • We made a model of the pattern note with the Korean Short Hair cat pattern motif.
  • Cute dot pattern: It contains a pattern of cute cat face shape character.
  • Quality of the material: It reduces eye fatigue using off-white pigment.
  • Corner Rounding: It provides corner rounding that does not fold corners even when used for a long time.
  • Twin ring silver binding: It is made of twin ring in silver color with polished and fashionable style spreading fully out and can be used conveniently at 360 degrees.
  • Line: It is good to use for various applications with 8mm line spacing.
  • Size: It contains 80 sheets in size of 5.19in Width x 7.17in Height.
  • Hardcover notebook is suitable to use as a meeting, travel journal, or a diary.
  • This notebook is so light that you can carry it everywhere!
  • It is perfect for gift giving. You can buy for yourself or others.
  • A wide range of colors and patterns are available (Patterns: Korean short hair, Turkish Angora, Russian Blue, Siamese cat, Ragdoll, Norwegian forest cat.)

100개 재고 (품절 후 주문 가능)

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  • Design: Designed and printed in the Republic of Korea
  • Material: Using vellum paper in order to relieve your eyes
  • Feature: Corner rounding finishing touches which prevent not to fold corners, so it can be used for a long time.
  • Line: It is convenient to use for various purposes with 8mm(0.3 inches) line spacing which is easy to use.
  • Features : note book / notepad/ desk note
  • Size : 5.2in(132mm)  Width x Height 7.17in (182mm) and has 80 sheets.
  • Made in Korea

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무게 50 g
크기 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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