UKIUKI Freeze dried cat raw food Beef liver



  • 100% natural.
  • A cruelty-free product.
  • All 100% Beef liver Meat.
  • Crude Protein 50% Minimum, Crude Fat 20% Maximum, Moisture 10% Maximum, Crude Ash 10% Maximum.
  • Single ingredient treat.
  • Great Lean protein source.
  • Grain, Gluten & GMO-Free.
  • A vacuum Freeze-Dried Raw cat food.
  • No by-products, corn, wheat, soy, or sugars.
  • Dehydrated Raw Cat Food Treat. Great for treats, snack, training tool, food.
  • Sprinkle/enhancer to encourage eating and introducing to new foods.
  • A healthy alternative to keep true to a raw diet versus traditional pet treats.
  • No Preservatives, additives or flavorings.
  • No artificial additives, colors, flavors preservatives, fillers or chemicals.
  • A package that shapes the type of Russian Blue hair cat



  • Treat or snack.
  • Training Tool.
  • 100% HUMAN GRADE INGREDIENTS: Beef liver.
  • STORAGE: No refrigeration necessary. Suggest in a cool, dark and dry location. A food sprinkle/enhancer for pets losing interest in eating or adjusting to a new diet.
  • NOTE: This is not to be used as a complete meal or meal replacement, only as a treat or supplement.


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Human Grade
Your cat deserves wholesome snacks with top-level certification. Suitable for pet lovers.

One Ingredient
Just Pure, Freeze-dried in Korean Beef Liver.

Freeze Dried
Done through the natural process of freeze drying. Maintains the meat’s purity and nutrients.

Meat alternative
Superior source of protein for dogs and cats with meat sensitivities. Pure enjoyment.

What UKIUKI Don’t have

Additives Fillers Preservatives Artificial Flavors
Artificial Colors Grain Gluten Soy
Corn Diary Starch Sugar
Toxins Mercury

추가 정보

무게 50 g
크기 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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