What is UKIUKI?

UKIUKI appears exciting feeling.


We dream of a world that Human, Nature and Cats can happily live together.

We know cat lovers always seek for a better product for their cats.

Therefore, we produce premium cat food and supplies.

Manufacturer Brand “UKIUKI” will save cat lover’s times.

“We only focus on cats, We are the cat specialists.”

We study and research about cats and their lives to provide perfect solutions.

A world that Human, Nature and Cats can happily live together We will make…

“UKIUKI B.I. has been changed in the following steps.”

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 BI Before 2016

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Since 2013 ~

History of UKIUKI

2014.        03. Moved to Yong-In Yonggu St.

05. Attended Kopet at AT Center

06. Registered in pet traveling bag manufacturing industry

10. Obtained ISO9001 certification

11. Selected as a venture company

2015.        02. Moved to  Gangnam St.  in Yong-In

03. Registerd as a woman owned company

04. Launched UkiUki chicken

06. Made a vendor agreements with animal clinics

08. Attended CFA All Cat Festival Summer

11. Launched UkiUki Lamb and UkiUki Tuna(not selling any more)

11. Attended G-Fair 2015

11. Obtained ISO14001 Certification

12. Moved to  Deok-yung St. in Suwon

2016.        04. Attended K-pet Fair(SETEC)

06. MOU with GOM TV

08. Package changed(UkiUki)

10. Attended G-Fair Korea 2016

11. Attended Stylish Life China at Chendo, China

11. Attended K-pet Fair(KINTEX)

11. Launched UkiUki Cat Towel, UkiUki Cat Grass(1type), UkiUki Carpet Scratchers(6types)

12. Received a Director General of Small and Medium Business Ministration’s Prize at Best Venture and Start-Up Company Awards

2017.        03. Attended K-pet Fair in Seoul (SETEC)

04. Attended PET care fastival in Incheon

04. Attended K-pet Fair in Busan (Busan EXhibition & COnvention Center; BEXCO)

05.Attended Pet care festival in Ansan

06. selling on Rakuten (Japanese online shopping mall)

06. selling on Q100 (Singaporean online shopping mall)

07. Attended K-CAT Fair

07. Launched UKIUKI Sticker (black, Luminous)


08. An export conference in Suwon Ramada Hotel

08. Branch Japan (in Okta)

10.An export conference in Suwon Ramada

11. Attended K-pet Fair(KINTEX)

11. IR announcement (M&A center)

12. IR announcement (Ambassdor Hotel)

12. GDPP CAT Festa (7th)

2018.        01. Attended International Cat Industry Fair (COEX)

04. Attended K-pet Fair (Setec)

05. Started selling in Ebay

06. Attended GDPP cat Festa (8th)

06. Attended Superzoo in USA

                      06. Selling on Amazon (Expected)

08. Attended Catcon