UKIUKI means cheerful and exciting feeling.

We dream of a world that Human, Nature, and Cats can happily live together.

We know cat lovers always seek for a better product for their cats.

Therefore, we produce premium cat food and supplies.

Manufacturer Brand “UKIUKI” will save cat lover’s times


Cat people accept a cat as a family member, rather than an animal.

They just want to give their cats something really good.

We produce premium food and items only for cats.

By observing and studying cats,

We will provide better life solutions for them.

A happy world where people and cats are together.

ETBE will make it.

After watching the video,

I realized that I forgot to mention that my cat was abused .

when she left home. Her eyes were burst,

her body was wet, and her fur was fallen out.

How scared it must have been for her…

So I began to feed her good things.

 I always thank her for returning from the traumatic event.

We produce cat premium food UkiUki, only for cats.

By observing and studying cats, we will provide a better life solution for them.