The reasons why UKIUKI jumped into a pet business

Hello. I am UKIUKI

I don’t think I revealed this one.

Today, I’d like to talk about starting a pet business.

I met one student in his 20s and told him to ask questions if you have any.

He said then, “Why did you start your own business?”

So, I’d like to talk about such stories today.



Why did you start a Ukiuki?

I often tell my stories about starting a business in my lecture.

I already came up with the idea to create a company when I was 20 years old.

Since I was studying advertising subjects in University,

it was natural to be interested in economic issues related to company creation.

So, I used to talk about those kinds of things when my friends and I are gathered.

However, I didn’t know how to start a business

and what to prepare even though I had the idea.

So, I hesitated to start my own business, and shaken up by others, I just went to work.

01. a time of opening my own business


One CEO, who I got close to recently, asked me how to decide on launching a new product.

She was unsure whether it is okay to launch a new product

in these uncertain Corona isuue, even if she had a new business item.

She also said she worried about how to start her new business.

In my case, I didn’t start UKIUKI at first.

What I wanted to start was originally a beverage import business.

I intended to go to Hanyang MBA  graduate school, and during the semester in graduate school Hanyang MBA  ,

I stopped by New York for sightseeing.

I encountered a popular coconut drink, then.

I came up with starting my own distribution company of imported beverage since I was familiar with marketers of big distribution companies

However, the company was acquired by Cocacola, so I needed to devise a new business plan for two years.

02.The reasons why I jump into a pet business!

 I was working in a manufacturing company.

I wanted to learn know-how by working on the manufacturing company because I wanted to set up my manufacturing business at the time.

Then, it was the day when it had been a year since I lived with my cat Tbe.

I was working at the company, and my friend stopped by my home to take care of my cat.

However, she told me on the phone that my cat was gone.

To make matters worse, the meeting ran late and the fact that my cat disappeared from home distracted me.

I thought I had never been anxious and wanted to go home before it happened

So, After thinking about for several months, I decided to create the pet business

About four months after this incident happened,

I made a lot of preparation and opened my own business.

I read many books about starting a business, and  I prepared it step by step with studying one by one.

Then, I had a million things to do more than when going to work. Sometimes, I had to go to work on the weekend and I was busier than when working in a company.


03.The reasons why I specialized in cats among pets!

There were already numerous dog companies,

but most of them expanded their business to cat supplies.

So, I wanted to differentiate my business from these trends.


I thought:

‘I will set up a company only for the cat and a company knowing cats well.

Then, I will export my product all over the world.’

, and I started my own business again.

I named it Ukiuki, which has no final consonant to easy to pronounce in any country and has a good meaning!

I think you can change your way in the middle rather than digging one well

I hope this post can be helpful to people trying to create their own business!