ETBE RETAIL Launches UKIUKI Chicken Breast Product at ‘Allcat Festival Summer’ (15.09.01)

The cats’ products specialized company, ETBERetial (CEO Ham Seung-Jin) stated that it will release the new product “UKIUKI Chicken Breasts” at 2015 All Cat Festival Summer that will be held at Kintex, Ilsan from August 28th to August 30th.

The CEO started up this business in 2014 and was ready to import the sensational cat food items made by freeze-drying method overseas.

UKIUKI products aim at mainly the cat’s market, which is different from other products for the whole pet market. The CEO is committed to making it with a genuine heart to give cats only top-their products. In reality, her cat named TBE is the trickiest cat especially in the aspect of choosing foods. So she had a hard time feeding TBE mostly with generic brands. While worrying about TBE’s diet, she recalled a diet focused on raw food, and decided to make a freeze-dried product through this idea.

UKIUKI Chicken Breast is made of 100% pure chicken breast and has excellent taste quality. Moreover, since it was made using the freeze-drying techniques, it is more convenient and safer than the ordinary food product by the storage method, the feeding method, and the shelf life.

This product is made from Harim chicken which is a sure source and country of origin, and it is made of fresh meat distributed to people. Nutrients are still alive without using additives and other preservatives. It is also an excellent product made by freeze-drying technique, and it is the best in the freeze-dried product part of the current products.

Even though it sells at 20,000 won, any customers who visit the booth at the festival would purchase it at a lucky price, 15,000 won. In addition, with the purchase, an animated pouch is presented one by one. Also, everyone looking for booths will be offering Ukiuki stickers free of charge.

UKIUKI Tuna and UKIUKI Salmon will be released at the second half of the year.