Cat only ‘UKIUKI FEED’ Manufactured by vacuum freezing method using domestic raw meat (17.01.11)


UKIUKI, a dedicated brand for cats, has attracted attention. It is a brand made with the mind that cat and cat owner wish to be excited, and the representative logo contains the cat figure which is excited.

UKIUKI is made of unfrozen raw meat by using the freeze-drying method. It is a high-quality food that can be fed to cats as a raw food. There are six kinds of food including chicken, mutton and duck. Packaging with the appearance of various cat species such as Turkish Angora, Russian Blue, Korean short hair, Ragdoll, Norwegian forest, and Siamese becomes popular.

UKIUKI Scratcher made of carpet is also composed of various designs and attracts attention. Unlike paper scratcher, it is attracting much attention because it has few dust spots and can be used for a long time. It also offers a variety of products including cat-glass and cat towels.

UKIUKI said, “We are constantly researching to develop products that are both happy for cats and people.” and also said “We are concentrating our efforts to become a cat-only luxury brand.”

Guest Report, Kim Hyun-Jin.