A shop for cats living with us (14.07.04)

(Seoul – International News)

As society becomes highly developed and materially enriched, the hearts of people become increasingly insecure. In contrast, the animal world is always innocent and pure. People want to be healed by being with these animals. In other words, it is a thing to pet an animal, and now it is known as a ‘companion animal’ by re-recognizing the value of the pet.

“I launched a shopping mall for my companion living with me, not just a raising animal,” said Ham Seoung-Jin, CEO of ETBE Retail. The ETBE Retail treats only the ‘premium’ cat were, not the ‘lowest price’. Usually, cat products are recommended at nearby animal hospitals or purchased at the lowest price on the internet shopping mall. She asked, “Would not it be all the same for the cats to just put on good things and feed them?”

A cat can easily get stress on small things and it can be a big illness. Therefore, it is important to reduce cat’s stress by using safe and proven products. As the number of cat-raising people increases, so do people who want to be with cats in their living spaces. However, it is very dangerous to go out without a carrier. Moreover, cats suddenly become exposed to an unfamiliar environment, they become more alert and more stressed.

‘Sleepypod AIR’ by ETBE Retail is the right size for any place, from home to cars, buses, subways, and airplanes, and provides space for cats to rest comfortably. Specially designed to fit under the seat of an aircraft, it helps to travel with companion animals. There are accessories, houses, and cushions that cannot be easily found in Korea, and Ham Seung-Jin’s attentive care is seen.

‘There are two ways to get out of a miserable life. It is a cat and music.’ as Albert Schweitzer says, now cats come to us in the sense of a companion. Ham Seung-Jin has also been with cats since she was a child and now lives with TBE.

Asked about future plans, she said, “I will gradually expand the premium products and make cafes for cats to stay in.”