The steady mind of UKIUKI for cat lover who wants to give the pet well-being food (16.05.26)

♦ K-pet-fair booth at the Seoul Exhibition Convention Center. (UkiUki products on the bottom right of the picture.)


The single household has surpassed five million.In other words, Around a quarter of us is a single-person household.

Although he or she lives alone in the middle of a crowded city due to their academic or employment situations, it is difficult for anyone to be free from the loneliness of being alone. Therefore, it is increasing the interest in the pets who will be able to relieve the loneliness of single-person households.Until now, people prefer dogs as pets. However, with the recent increase in single-person household rates, the popularity of cats has continued to increase. Because cats are independent unlike dogs, they are better suited for busy modern people.Many people prefer cats these days. The market for cat-related goods is also growing. Especially for modern people, there are many changes in the perception of pet food because dogs and cats are considered to be family. It reflects the feelings of owners who want to give well-being food to their pets. The popularity of ‘premium’ is getting bigger not only in food but also in treats.

At the center of this hot wind, UkiUki, a cat-only snack, is located in ETBE, a company specialized in cat supplies. Ukiuki is already popular among pet lovers as freeze-dried treats Ukiuki treat is not only CEO’s cordiality but also a product that contains the heart of a pet lover who wants to give the best food to the cats.

In fact, CEO Ham thought of a raw food-oriented diet since her cat had a picky appetite, so her cat couldn’t eat enough food and snacks. It led her to think of freeze-dried food.

CEO Ham’s love of cats started from elementary school. She lived in the Korean-style house. She especially liked a cat who her mother kept for catching a mouse. When she was a student, her nickname was “Meow” as she loved cats much more than others.CEO Ham, who still lives with a cat, said “It was an accident several years ago that led me to change my perception of cats as ‘a companion’ not ‘just a pet’. She felt the importance of her family when she was looking for a cat out of the house through a door opening in October 2013.She said “After only a few hours of losing the cat, I felt “family love” when I saw all the wounds and hair on the cat who was wet and shivering.” and also said “Since then, I wanted to give her something better, something more delicious, so I decided to make “UkiUki.”Since it is a treat made by UkiUki which only wants to give the best, UkiUki prides itself on a premium treat that contains a lot of nutrition.

“UkiUki Chicken Breast” is a product made of 100% pure “Harim chicken breast”, which has a high level of human food. The process of storage and feeding are much simpler than other products as using freeze-dried techniques. It has a longer shelf life in comparison with others.

“UkiUki Tuna” also uses raw fish. Both the chicken breast and tuna contain enough nutrition and safety in love of human consumption.

ETBE is the first Korean manufacturer which introduce ‘UkiUki Lamb’. It is also premium. Cats, as carnivores, have much higher protein requirements than humans, so lambs are better with higher amino acids than cows and pigs.UkiUki treats are already renowned among pet lovers. Last year, ETBE participated in the “2015 G-Fair Korea Exhibition” held in Kintex, ilsan, and the “K-pet-fair” held at the Seoul Exhibition. At that time, UkiUki got a great success. At the K-Pet-Fair, ETBE held its own “Beautiful Cat Contest”. It becomes a festival for pet lovers.She said that “UkiUki products are made using freeze-dried techniques, not grounded-up. You can enjoy its nutrition and taste of the ingredient.” And “It’s a product that does not add not only salt but also anything. It is customized health food for cats beyond snacks.”

Reporter Park Kwang-Seop (ksp@kihoilbo.co.kr)