ETBE, UKIUKI (17.09.13)

ETBE, a cat company introduced carpet scratcher, drawing attention from pet lovers after it showed some surprising results in the ‘UkiUki’ treats.

UKIUKI scratcher is made of carpet. It is different from many existing cat scratchers. The cardboard scratcher is easy to be dusty when cats scratching and it is not durable. Whereas, UKIUKI carpet scratcher is not dusty and it is durable so you can use longer than others. It is a box that focuses on the characteristics of a cat. It supports to make cat’s feeling comfortable. There exist some holes on the side of the boxes to use them as intellectual development and play tools. 

UKIUKI Carpet Scratchers consist of six designs. Front-printed products enable consumers to choose and assemble DIY shapes and because of various colors, they also harmonize with the interior products of the house.

ETBE CEO, Rachel Ham, said that “UkiUki continues to research and develop products for cats and cat lovers” and also said “I will strive to make a more substantial company through innovative management.

On the other hand, UkiUki sells cat food, carpet scratcher, towels for cats who hate water, cat grasses, and decorative stickers.

Reporter Park Kwang-Seop (ksp@kihoilbo.co.kr)