PAT STAY – ETBE, Signed MOU for companion animal service (16.06.22)


PAT STAY – ETBE, Signed MOU for companion animal service

GOM Exp announced on June 22 that it signed a business agreement with ETBE (representative Ham Seung – Jin), a cat products company, at gretech’s head office in Gappo on June 15.

GOM Exp and ETBE are planning to actively cooperate in enhancing the quality of companion animal service and spreading healthy companion animal culture through this business agreement.

ETBE is a company that manufactures cats’ wellness snacks. It is famous for its “UkiUki” snack made by freeze drying method.

On the other hand, ‘PetStay’ is a service that matches the companion animal care ‘pet sitter’ with the companion animal owner based on the community. It can easily check the companion animal management requirements and reservation information through the smart phone application. It can also introduce the regulated price, ‘pet sitter’s education system and injunctive rehabilitation system so that it can support to leave companion animals safely.