Ham Seung-Jin, a representative of ETBE, “Dream of a Happy life with a healthy companion animal.” (16.09.13)

As the population living with companion animal increases, more and more people are worrying about the health of companion animals. In order to stay healthy with companion animals for longer, people are looking for better raw products for snacks.

ETBE is a cat products company that is leading the change in perception of companion animals. Ham Seung – Jin of ETBE is a cat specialist who loves cats and knows cats better than anyone else. I heard the story of Ham Seung – Jin. “A story about people and their cats getting happy together.”

ETBE is a rare catware company. What triggered this work?

I have started ETBE since 2013. When I first started a cat premium brand, there were many people worried about it. And people also pointed out the bad side. However, many of them have changed their perception of cats because of me now.

Since I was a kid, I have raised a cat and love a cat. So it is a pity that there is no good quality cat supplies and negative perception about cats. Because of this, I started out with the idea that I would like to take the lead in changing the healthy food and cognition for cats.

▲ “UkiUki”, which is representing ETBE, has already become a famous product for people who love a cat.

→ The feed was made from unfrozen raw meat using Freeze-drying method. We are the first company to start to use unfrozen raw meat. Based on the non-preservative and color-free, we do not use any additives in the food, so people can eat it. In addition, freeze drying is the best method among the drying methods.

This method has the advantages of long shelf life, makes the texture and flavor that is boiled with hot water and minimizes nutrient loss. It is a high-energy food, so it may be good for young cats to grow. Types of ‘UkiUki’ include chicken and mutton. In the future, I will also show you dishes made from kangaroos and ducks.

When I first started shopping malls, I wanted to set up a differentiation strategy from others. So I choose the product of the premium concept. I have high-priced products of premium line from selection of food materials for differentiated power.

▲ If you give the novices who raise cats tips to be able to live together more healthily and happily.

→ One of the things that people misunderstand is that cats are omnivorous animals, strictly speaking cats are carnivores. So it is good to feed the meat. What is also always to be recognized is that cats are territorial animals. Because a cat is active only in its own domain, a person should not approach it first. This is where beginners make mistakes.

Cats are poorly sociable animals. It is only a defensive instinct to take a stance that bends and repels. It is good to communicate with the signal that ‘I will not threaten you.’ by blinking the eyes when the cat and your eyes are encountered. When the cat clears the boundary, it will come first.

Most important of all, if you decided to raise a cat, you have to live your whole life together. The cat does not mark out the sick. Beginners often do not notice the cat’s illness. If you recognize the cat’s illness later and go to a hospital, you may be exposed to a burden due to medical expenses. For this reason, many cats are abandoned. At ETBE, we are trying to change the recognition of cats and to give people who raise cats a professional information. I want to continue to research and develop a cat’s healthy life and to help people who live with cats be happy.

▲ What is the future direction of ETBE?

→ Even when freeze-dried food was made, the opposite was more common. The reason is that the raw material costs are high and the unit price is expensive because of the difficult manufacturing process. I was encouraged to make them inexpensively using a little bit of bad stuff, but the reason I started this business is for cats. The health of a cat is linked to the happiness of a person.

I wanted to make all production honestly. For more people to improve the image of the cat, we concerned from the raw materials of the feed to package design. We are also developing products aimed at the international market beyond the domestic market. ETBE is the first company to use lamb for domestic cat’s food.

ETBE wants to be an honest company. I hope that cat and person are happy together with good product made. By making the cat happy, the person becomes happy at last.

ETBE is preparing for the Pet Expo this November. ETBE’s good-will to share information and knowledge about cats with product promotion will make more cats and people happy.